November: Travel with Ben Franklin

Bruce Kagan, will bring his program ”In The Footsteps Of Ben;
The Benjamin Franklin Milestone Markers”,
to our November meeting (Nov. 17th, 3:30pm).

In 1775 Benjamin Franklin was appointed Post Master General of the Northern Colonies by the King of England. He developed the “post road” in order to make the delivery of mail more efficient.  The Boston Post Road was created on the Connecticut shore and he created our little known post road on the north shore of eastern Long Island

The Long Island road extends thirty miles from Riverhead to Orient Point. In this digital presentation, travel the roads of modern day eastern Long Island by bicycle, tracing Franklin‟s post road, locating many of the remaining markers that sit quietly by the side of the road waiting to tell their story. Travel “In The Footsteps of Ben” and discover this little-known eastern Long Island treasure!