Meeting and Speaker, January 19, 2014

Join us for our next meeting with speaker, Martha Kolodkin
January 19th, Sunday at 3:30 pm 
at the Bayport-Blue Point Library.


Martha Kolodkin, a retired history teacher, will present
 “How it came about”

Martha says, “Have you ever wondered how the everyday things we use came to be?  Did you ever think about how certain events really did happen?  
If your answer is ‘yes’, have I got a program for you!

 In this presentation, we will learn about people, places, events, and things.  
Do you know how we got the first ice cream cone?  
How about the incredible coincidence that caused World War I?  Or, maybe you want to know what Hedy Lamarr has to do with your cell phone.”

Answers to these and other interesting beginnings will be addressed by Martha Kolodkin, a veteran lecturer.  
Join us at the library on January 19th, have some fun, and learn in the process!