Theodore Roosevelt Augmented Reality Experience

Digital Tapestry Augmented Reality Experience

Meadow Croft Estate, managed by the Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association, introduces an augmented reality (AR) tour starting summer 2023. This unique experience, accessible via the TRAR™ app on both Android and Apple devices, allows visitors to engage with 3D AR models of the Roosevelt family, including former President Theodore Roosevelt..

Developed by 360XR™, a startup specializing in historical AR and Virtual Reality (VR), this technology makes history tangible. Visitors use the app to interact with 3D versions of the Roosevelts, who guide them through the Estate's landmarks. There are five main scenes, with each stationed at specific spots on the Estate's grounds, marked for easy identification.

At the beginning, John Ellis Roosevelt welcomes visitors, recounting the times Theodore visited Meadow Croft. The AR figures of Teddy, John, and Nannie Roosevelt, positioned as they would have been over a century ago, narrate tales of their experiences within the very estate visitors now explore. Teddy Roosevelt delves into the history and architecture of Meadow Croft, and his voice, carefully modeled after renowned impersonator Joe Wiegand, adds authenticity.

The AR tour takes guests through various stops: Teddy discussing his affinity for Meadow Croft, John reminiscing about their father, Robert, and their adventures, and finally, Nannie detailing Teddy's local excursions using the family’s car, leading to tales of the Roosevelts' participation in motor races.

The Bayport Blue Point Heritage Association and Meadow Croft Estate express enthusiasm about their partnership with the TRAR™ project. Mary Bailey, President of the BBPHA, emphasized the advantage of collaboration between different Roosevelt sites via the Digital Tapestry platform. This venture is funded by the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation and seeks to enhance engagement at Long Island's historical venues. The Digital Tapestry™ initiative features over 60 AR experiences across 11 Long Island locations, each providing a unique insight into significant events and encouraging visitors to explore further.

To immerse in the TRAR™ experience at Meadow Croft Estate, download the app from your device’s store, visit the grounds, and let the Roosevelts guide you through history.

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Theodore Roosevelt Augmented Reality Experience

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